Behind FEAR


Behind FEAR

Ādahmisia Kelleher-Roulston + Niklaus Carr

A multidisciplinary collaborative duo that grew out of long-term friendship, with backgrounds in fashion, jewellery, visual arts and photography Adah and Nik have joined to explore themes of history, myth and storytelling through the medium of photography and visual art.

Adah; founder and creator of FEAR, with a background in jewellery and the fashion industry, FEAR was created in retaliation to the unsustainable and exploitative attitudes held by the industry. Built on principles of sustainability and ethicality in the creative arts, with a heavy focus on collaboration. Adah works through styling, metal work, sculpture and performance and uses an array of mediums to explore concepts of imperfection, impermanence, beauty, ugliness, nature and society.

Nik; An RMIT Honours Graduate with a creative background in photography and videography. Nik blends the worlds of aesthetics and performance, with storytelling deep at the heart of his practice; using unorthodox materials and enhanced editing to produce striking visuals. At its core, Nik’s work strives to create depth beneath the single frame.

Together, we present you FEAR. A platform that showcases work from emerging designers and artists to allow a glimpse at the industries next generation.

Focused on sustainability; we work with creatives from all walks of life, endeavouring to shine a light on designers, visual artist, writers and photographers alike. In name FEAR is a powerful emotion, our approach to it can determine our limitations or our freedom. Let us help each other use our FEAR for the betterment of each other, and of the world we share. 

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