Paris Fashion Week 2019

Paris Fashion Week


FEAR has returned from another successful season at Paris Fashion Week.
We spent out week running between shows, parties and events all while wearing typically impractical outfits.
This season we had the opportunity to meet with many independent designers, old friends and some new acquaintances. We worked alongside fashion icons and had the opportunity to be shot by legendary photographers

Paris Fashion Week

During the SS20 seasons, FEAR had the opportunity to collaborate with Manish Arora on his latest show. Entitled ‘We are family’ the show and its message revolved around chosen family within the Queer community. This resonated with FEAR as we are a Queer owned and run business, whose focus is on creating a community of creatives and designers.

FEAR founder Adah Kelleher-Roulston was cast alongside icons such as Miss Fame, Hungry and many more legendary queens and performers. An audience brimming with top editors, influences, photographers and buyers moved through the space, exploring the drag family tableaus of models positioned throughout the space. The show was serenaded by a hauntingly beautiful piano version of ‘we are family’ sung by Luc Bruyere. 

Paris Fashion WeekWorking alongside the amazing stylist Laurent Dombrowicz, we were able to include multiple FEAR designers in the styling of the show. Adah wore a selection of jewellery exclusive to FEAR, that perfectly complimented the Arora dress and gold frilled make up by Kabuki.

Paris Fashion Week
While in Paris the FEAR team got catch up with our long-time friend and collaborator Lily Gatins. We supplied Lily with clothing and accessories made by FEAR designers Anastasia le Fey, Kick in the eye and AKR.

Lily is one of the most iconic street style muses there is. She gathers pieces from emerging designers, and each season takes them to the streets. Translating the work of these young designers into walking works of art, set against the Paris skyline.
It is always a true joy and pleasure to spend time with Lily in Paris, not only an icon but a genuine and kind human being.

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion week is always a crazed blur of heels, jewels, crowds and camera flashes, but we managed to carve out some time to view the latest collections from some incredible designers.

Stay tuned on FEAR to see our latest discoveries from this trip.

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